Videos and Presentations of the conference sessions are now available!

Missed the great networking and content at the conference? Due to the limited capacity of
the conference, many of you had to be turned away. There were valuable
insights and discussions during the 2 day event that we wanted to
share with the wider community in order to ensure even greater social
impact! So we had all the sessions recorded and the videos are now
uploaded on each of the individual session pages, along with the
presentations and session reports:

Click below to watch the conference overview video:

We have also uploaded selected photos so you can view them at the gallery here. 
Thank you for your support and we look forward to see you atConference 2014!

Thank you for making theConference a great success for social impact!

72 speakers
31 countries
18 sessions
4 workshops
2 days


Thank you to all who attended and helped make the conference such a huge success! We were overbooked 6 weeks before the conference and had to turn away many who were so keen to participate.

Many of you have requested a copy of the slides used by the speakers at the conference. These can be viewed on theConference website: click on “Conference Program” and then browse to the specific session of interest and click on the session name to pull up the details; you will find the slides attached below the session description. In about 10 days we will be adding short videos and pictures as well as a a brief summary of each session content.

Theteam would very much like to hear your feedback on the event. Thanks to those who submitted their feedback forms. If you did not have a chance to do this at the event, you can send us feedback through this simple online survey.

One of ’s primary missions is to build bridges between the different silos that make up this eco-system, and we are happy to have achieved that at our conference. We saw an excellent quality mix from foundations, family offices, private equity firms, private banks, government agencies, universities and many other stakeholders in the social investment sector. Just as importantly, our conference attendees included not only providers of financial capital, but also resource providers in terms of human and intellectual capital. This conference has proven to be a successful platform in bringing together philanthropy and social investment – the dialogue and learning from US, Europe, and across Asia will no doubt help.

Lastly, we need to thank our wonderful partners again – without whom this would not have been possible at all. Our deepest appreciation to Lien Centre for Social Innovation, National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre, and to all our marketing partners, sponsors and supporters. We appreciated very much the speakers who provided such meaningful content. Speakers came from 16-18 countries, some traveling for over 20 hours, to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for developing the the VP / social investment market in Asia.

We need engagement from all of you; tell us what you liked, how we can help you, and very importantly, how we can improve next year’s conference. We will ask you this again in 6 months, as you see your needs evolve/change. We hope to see you at next year’s conference – and please sign up early to avoid last minute disappointments! Additionally we are planning various workshops and webinars over the next 12 months and you will see these under the events section of thewebsite.

9-10 May: See you soon in

Theteam looks forward to welcoming all delegates to theConference.  Thanks to overwhelming support and interest for this event, we have a full program of 18 sessions with 73 speakers from 18 countries, and more than 300 delegates in total from 31 countries.

Hard copies of the conference programme book will be available at the venue itself but if you would like a sneak preview, we have uploaded an electronic copy for your perusal.

See you soon in .

Tickets are sold out!

The is now sold out. If you are a member who have yet to claim your ticket or would like to be put on the waiting list, please write to There are still tickets available to our optional workshops after the conference:

For our overseas delegates, please remember to check if you require visas and you can check our travel recommendations here.

See you in soon!

Have you signed up for the workshops?

If you are already signed up as a conference delegate, you might want to attend one of the 4 exciting workshops that will be held right after the conference. The topics are:

The workshops will be led by leaders from the following organisations:

The workshops have to be registered separately but conference delegates andmembers get 50% off! Limited spaces so register now!

Hear what our speakers have to say about the conference!

“This is a great opportunity to network and to turbo-charge learning about engaged philanthropy and social investing.”

~ , , , - of

“Venture philanthropy represents a powerful and practical approach to creating social impact that leverages key skills developed in private investment settings. But social investment differs from private investment in many critical respects, and there is no more efficient way to enhance one’s own effectiveness than to directly learn from and converse with other experienced practitioners. That’s what this conference is all about.”

~ Paul Carttar, Former Director, US Social Innovation Fund

“This conference will be a good opportunity to share our experience investing in the validation and preparation phases of Asian investees and what we’ve learned about the application of financial resources, capacity building and social capital that help these investees succeed and attract the next wave of funding.”

~ , , for Children

“Employing a lens, we adopt a total portfolio approach to managing our investments, where we use a range of capital tools to achieve impact and a blended return. We think this is an interesting juxtaposition to the questions highlighted by the Monitor report on the “pioneer gap” and the mainconference theme – both of which focus on the capital needs of the social enterprise – by looking at the situation from a funder/investor’s perspective.”

~ Annie Chen , Founder, RS Group

“TheConference will be a fantastic opportunity to share our ideas and knowhow, to build a successful, lasting infrastructure to release the full talents of social entrepreneurs and achieve the full potential of social investment. This is the start of a new phase of all our work – theAnnual Conference will be the launchpad for future success.”

~ , ,

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Network will be holding our Conference on 9 – 10 May 2013 at the University. Register for this premier event now during the Promotion and before tickets run out (limited to only 300 and our members have already been snapping them up)!

Why attend? 1. Active networking with leaders in
Interact and network with board members, chief executives and senior staff from these sectors:
• Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investing
• Foundations
• Professional services
• Private Equity
• Private Banking and Family Offices
• Government or government-related
• Corporate CSR
• Academia
2. Learn in-depth about the latest developments in venture philanthropy and social investing.
3. Share sector knowledge in your particular sector of interest, and “build bridges” across sectors and countries.
Who Should attend? Practicing Venture Philanthropy Practitioners and Impact Investors:This is a perfect platform to hear about what others in the industry are doing and to use this event as a showcase of your projects.
Philanthropists and Investors who are interested to find out more about Venture Philanthropy: International leaders with more than 10 years of experience in VP will share their learning lessons from both their successful and failed projects.
Foundations that are keen to engage further with their investee organisations: Learn how to form more effective relationships in order to create higher social impact.
Corporations that are looking to be more innovative, involved and effective in their CSR efforts.
Professional Services firms which provide intermediary services for philanthropiy and investment.
Government organisations that want to develop an effective third sector space for impactful social investment.
Institutions and Academics who are involved in the research and development of social innovation!

Date: 9 – 10 May 2013

Where: ,

Tickets: (Early Bird)/ (Standard)

tickets are on sale from 17 January to 14 March 2013.

s can still register fast to get your 2 free tickets before they run out!